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Wellness Consultation

This certificate entitles you to a Wellness Consultation with John Way

The is a basic introduction and covers a consultation with supplement recommendation, food guidance and a plan going forward.

Wellness Consultation with Live Blood Analysis

This covers a consultation with supplement recommendation, food guidance and a plan of attack going forward, with the added benefit of Live Blood Analysis. Seeing your own blood under the microscope gives you confidence of where you are with your health, visual empowerment of why you are feeling the way you are and together we build a programme to get you feeling the best you can.

Get Well Programme Gift Certificate


2020 is the year for you and there is no better time than the present to make your health and wellness a priority. If you are ready to commit to yourself and sort out those health niggles you keep ignoring, then the Get Well Programme is for you.

You will get an £90 voucher to gift to a friend and help them start making their health a priority too.

What is included in the Get Well Programme Offer:

This is a 6-9 month programme. The duration depends on individual requirements and how often you come and see me (which is usually every 4-6 weeks).

During the Get Well Programme you’ll have 6 appointments with me which is set out as follows:

Appointment breakdown:

During your first consultation, we will use Live Blood Analysis and E.A.V Analysis. Expect this consultation to last about 1.5 hours. After your initial appointment, you will leave with:

a better understanding of how your body is currently operating,
you will feel empowered,
you will have been given a plan of action and some tools to work with,
a herbal medicine and nutritional supplement programme,
you may also be asked to carry out some simple and gentle naturopathic techniques like skin brushing, castor oil packing or something similar.

We’ll also arrange your next appointment for a few weeks time and then check-in by email in 14 days to see where you’re at, how you are feeling and what progress is being made in the early days of your personal Get Well Programme. (Valued at £180.)

After your first appointment, we will then have a follow up “check-in” appointment around 4-6 weeks later that will last for thirty minutes. During this consultation, we will assess your progress and may tweak where necessary your herbal prescriptions and supplements. (Valued at £50.)

At the 8-12 week mark, we will complete a comprehensive forty-five minute follow up, this time including follow up live blood analysis. The aim of the third consultation is to ensure that the issues that you initially came to see me with are changing for the better and that you are transitioning into a place of homeostasis. We carry out a re-evaluation of your live blood so that we can see what improvements have been made on a physiological level. (Valued at £85.)

After 18-20 weeks, we will have another 45 minute follow up session. Where we want to make sure the changes we made are now part of your daily lifestyle, alter any supplementation programme and transition you into a maintenance programme. (Valued at £85.)

We will then check in again at 28 weeks with a 30 minute follow-up appointment. During this consultation, we will assess your progress and slightly tweak if required herbal prescriptions and supplements. (Valued at £50.)

At weeks 36-40, we will finish your programme up with a final follow up appointment that will last 45 minutes and will include a final live blood analysis evaluation to evaluate your total progress on the Get Well Programme. Where a maintenance protocol will be offered if required, to keep you staying well.

Additional Complimentary Extras

As well as 6 consultations, your Get Well Programme Offer entitles you to:

£50 worth of supplements from dispensary or any that might be in stock

a 10% discount off any further supplements you may wish to purchase during the duration of your programme

unlimited email support throughout the programme to help you feel supported

1 x £90 voucher for you to gift to a friend, family member or colleague and help spread the wellness. This voucher can be used for a once-off initial wellness consultation or part payment for the Get Well Programme

So, if you are ready to commit to your overall wellbeing, you can sign up here and make your health investment today.


Once you have completed your personal Get Well Programme, there is an opportunity of opting in for the Stay Well Programme. This is for people who have really seen the benefit of the Get Well Programme and wish to invest further and Stay Well. This programme consists of 4 consultations over a 12 month period with further savings. Please contact me for further details if you are interested in this option.


Stay Well Programme Gift Certificate (for existing patients only)


The Stay Well Programme is a preventative approach to optimum health that commits to keeping you well over 12 months.

During the programme, we will check in every 3 months to synchronise with the change of each season and assess how your body is handling this change. Most patients will transition to the Stay Well Programme on completion of their Get Well Programme.

What is included in the Stay Well Programme:

By purchasing the 12 month commitment, you will have access to 4 lots of 45 minute appointments. These will primarily be based on Live Blood Analysis (LBA) testing. Nutritional evaluation is also included, and if needed food sensitivity testing through Electrodermal Screening (EAV) testing can be added in. This is why appointments are every quarter, as red blood cells change every 120 days, so it is important to allow time to see the most change under the microscope. (Each appointment is valued at £85 each.)

Unlimited email support from me in between consultations for the entire 12 month duration of your Stay Well Programme.

10% off any supplements you wish to purchase from me during the entire 12 month period.

Additional Complimentary Extras:
As well as 4 consultations, unlimited email support and 10% off all your supplements for the entire duration of the 12 months Stay Well Programme, you will also receive:

1 x £90 voucher for you to gift to a friend, family member or colleague and help spread the wellness. This voucher can be used for an Initial Wellness Consultation or part payment for the Get Well Programme.

My aim is to empower my patients to shift into a Stay Well lifestyle. The impact of ‘staying well’ as opposed to waiting until you get sick to deal with health issues, is far-reaching.

The investment price for this programme is £295, which is a saving of £45 + an additional saving of 10% off any supplements purchased in the 12 months + your free voucher for a friend worth £90!

So, if you are ready to commit to your overall wellbeing, you can sign up here and make your 12 month health investment today.